The Garage Door Lock

All it takes is a few seconds to get into your home through the garage door.

The Garage Door Lock


We created a device called Garage Door Lock (GDL), which is a deadbolt locking system that automatically locks the garage door when it closes. Our promise is to provide you with peace of mind both when you are away and while you are at home.

Garage Door Lock – Kit Components:

  • Wireless Key Pad
  • The Garage Door Lock
  • Remote
  • Control Box
  • Wall Console
  • Plastic Clip Brackets & Hooks


With The Garage Door Lock (for any make or model residential garage door) garage door locking system, homeowners have the ability to control their garage doors, like never before! Homeowners can help prevent burglary to their homes. Protect your family’s safety and well-being.

  • Durable 100% steel 4’x6” double bolt slide
  • Option to eliminate need for separate garage door opener
  • Locking system can be activated or deactivated by smartphone app
  • Garage door can be opened and closed by smartphone app
  • System can be completely controlled and monitored remotely
  • Custom programming of time before the door activates to close
  • App displays garage door open or close status
  • Includes red LED light to mount on outside of garage door to indicate locked status
  • Includes one handheld remote controls, outdoor keypad, and indoor wall command console
  • Switch to deactivate entire system
  • Ease of installation with 4 1-inch screws and anchors that attach to any garage wall material
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approved



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