The Garage Door Lock features a dependable way to lock your garage door

The Garage Door Lock is not a guarantee that burglars will not enter your home. But it does make it more difficult by increasing the risk that the burglar will be seen and caught. If it’s obvious your garage is locked, the burglar may look for an easier target.

The Garage Door Lock Automatic garage door openers contain a safety release feature that allows homeowners to override the electronic opener in the event of a power failure or similar event. 

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As your garage door opener closes your garage door; the Garage Door Lock automatically propels a heavy-duty steel bolt into the track of your garage door. 

This prevents the garage door from being opened even if the emergency release is pulled. 

As you open your garage door with your garage door opener, the deadbolt lock is automatically retracted before the door opens.

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The Garage Door Break-in

Over 1.9 million viewers have seen the UTube video that shows exactly how to break in through the garage door in seconds. It became apparent that someone needed to create a safeguard system to burglar proof a garage? Our corporate goal was to keep thieves out of our garages.  The Garage Door Lock is an innovative garage protector and developed for the purpose of safeguarding and securing your garage.

Are you ready to buy?

Are you ready to buy?

Addressing a Problem

Was interested in learning how to “resolve this heinous problem that exists throughout America?” Put an end to the madness!”

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“Now that I have the Garage Door Lock, I feel safe whenever I open the interior house door to the garage.  Before the lock, I worried about confronting an intruder! Feeling secure in my house now includes my garage, as it should be”

T. Cole

“I feel safer.  The technology is automated and fool proof so every time I close the garage door, I have an added layer security in place.”

Keith D.

What can happen

Some homeowners already know the coat hanger trick and have used it themselves if they find themselves locked out of the house, but intruders can watch the same how-to internet videos and with a little practice be much faster than the owner in opening a garage door.

Plus, when the thieves are already inside the garage with the door closed, so they can take their time to work on the home lock unobserved.

We worry a lot about keeping windows and doors locked, but the garage is often an overlooked gateway for thieves.

If your garage is attached to your home—or if you keep anything of value in that area—you should implement these tactics to keep trespassers out.

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